Firearms, Toolmarks and Gunshot Residue
Alan J. Voth, Forensic Consulting


The following pages will serve to introduce myself and the services I offer:




My mission is to provide quality forensic firearm, toolmark and gunshot residue examinations and consulting services to private investigators, industry, civil and criminal attorneys, forensic engineers and other clients.  

Based on a lifelong personal study of firearms and 37 years in the hire of federal law enforcement (working as a patrol officer, Emergency Response Team member and forensic firearms examiner) my goal is to provide previously unavailable forensic firearm services to Canadian industry and the legal community. I strive to provide opinions and perform casework that is science based and can be relied on to meet stringent legal requirements.




Prospective clients should be aware that I am not an opinion-for-hire. Regardless of who employs me, my master is always scientific truth.